BMW Concept Cars: Wowing Us Through the Ages

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bmw concept cars
What BMW Concept Cars will go into production next?

If we elaborated on everything BMW is good at doing, we’d have to write a tome. One thing in particular that they’ve got down to an art is the concept car. A concept should push the envelope while still keeping its feet (wheels?) firmly on the ground. It should turn heads and maybe even take someone’s breath away.

For instance, look at the BMW E25 Turbo, a concept that came out in 1972. Not only was it a predecessor to the M1, according to Top Gear, but it had gull-wing doors and even had a radar-system to alert drivers when they might hit a curb!

The BMW Z9 Gran Turismo came out in 1999. This concept “heralded the return of the BMW 6-Series.” There was even an early version of what came to be known as the BMW iDrive under the hood of the Z9 concept. Most importantly, it also featured gull-wing doors!

In 2009, we saw the BMW Vision Efficient Dynamics concept. A hybrid turbo drivetrain was just one of its wow-inducing features—the same drivetrain that eventually made it into the mind-blowing BMW i8.

BMW sure knows how to get out attention with its BMW concept cars. And after all, isn’t that the point?

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