It’s the Wave of the Future: The Innovative 2015 BMW i3

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innovative 2015 i3
2015 BMW i3 on display at the 2015 Chicago Auto Show.

For almost a century, BMW has effortlessly blended peak function with luxurious comforts. The top-performing Bavarian company continues that trend to this day, with its forward thinking technology giving consumers a peek into the future in the form of an innovative electric vehicle, the i3.

Originally designed as a “mega-city” EV, the i3 is built from sustainable local materials and the lightweight yet durable carbon fiber comprising its body. Making its debut in the States in 2014, the i3 is built in zero emission factories making it the greenest car available.

But let’s talk performance! The capable i3 zooms from 0-60mph in 7 seconds with an all-electric range that exceeds 100 miles under favorable conditions. According to car reviewer Paul Gover, the ride is, “swift and silent, yet comfortable and rewarding.”

Each i3 comes with a complimentary Level 1 charger, which is compatible with any household 110v electric system. A Level 2 home-use charger, 220v, is offered and recommended for purchase for faster recharging. Also available is the range-extender i3 model that comes with a two-cylinder engine generating charge to the batteries is also available to consumers.

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