BMW i8 Wins World Green Car Award at New York Auto Show

BMW i8 receives World Green Car Award

As recently as two years ago, BMW had never even released a production version of an electric vehicle. Now, however, they produce the greatest green car in the world—at least according to the New York Auto Show. The BMW i8, the brand’s electric sports car, won the World Green Car Award at this year’s show after a long campaign that started last year in Paris.

This year’s Geneva Motor Show narrowed the list down to the “Top Three Green Cars in the World,” and five “green experts” finally chose the BMW i8 as the winner in New York. To be eligible to win, vehicles had to be all-new or totally redesigned. The BMW i8 is certainly new, and it blew the judges away with its advanced green engine technology, performance, and comfort.

“The BMW i8 gasoline hybrid looks so cool, it should be the icon for all the ‘Green’ cars,” the green experts gushed. “The i8 adds so much enjoyment to a sensible lifestyle that it needs to be recognized as a great Green Car.”

The BMW i8 can get up to 155 mph, a number that crushes the idea that electric cars are wimpy. Come see us at Perillo BMW to learn more about the i8’s power and performance today!

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