New BMW 7 Series Features Carbon-Based “EfficientLightweight” Tech

BMW is aiming to set new benchmarks in “lightweight design, driving dynamics, comfort, intelligent connectivity, and operation” for the upcoming 7 Series. To do this, the automaker will use a number of technologies that it has been developing and perfecting over the years, including ConnectedDrive, EfficientLightweight, and iDrive. You can read all about them in the official press release.

What really interests us here at Perillo BMW is the EfficientLightweight strategy, which, despite its unfortunate name, promises to be excellent. The 7 Series model lineup will use a clever blend of materials with a carbon core to shave off up to 130 kilograms, improving acceleration, handling, and fuel economy, without losing any strength of safety.

In fact, the use of carbon fiber will actually increase safety by raising the passenger cell area’s torsional rigidity and strength, as well as enhancing parts of the vehicle body that withstand high directional forces. BMW has done a great job of highlighting and visualizing what it can do for the new BMW 7 Series in the video below:


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