BMW Opens Hydrogen Filling Station in Munich

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all-electric BMW i3Advanced vehicles that use alternative sources of energy are becoming more and more common. BMW has always been a leader in this initiative. Take the BMW i3 for example, BMW’s completely electric vehicle.

BMW has also recently investigated the use of another alternate energy source: Hydrogen. That energy source now allows fuel cell-powered vehicles to travel from Southern Germany to Italy in one trip.

According to a BMW press release, BMW recently opened a hydrogen filling station in the German city of Munich. The implementation of the station in Munich completed the company’s southern European HyFIVE project, an initiative to bring Hydrogen fuel stations to the European populace.

The station in Munich is the world’s first public filling station using two different methods of Hydrogen refueling. The first is a 700 bar CGH2 hydrogen storage technology, while the other is a cyro-compressed hydrogen storage technology.

BMW is working to make hydrogen fuel cell drives an integral part of their Efficient Dynamics program.

“This new form of mobility, based on hydrogen, offers private and commercial users zero-local-emission long-distance electric mobility with no concessions on comfort, space and refueling times,” said Matthias Klietz, head of Research Powertrain at BMW, in the press release.

It will be exciting to see what innovative technology BMW develops next!

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