New BMW AirTouch System to Revolutionize Vehicle Control Tech

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BMW AirTouch featured in the 2016 BMW 7 Series

The brilliant technicians at BMW are always looking to develop the next great tech, fitting of the luxury automaker’s top-notch vehicle catalogue. The latest? The BMW AirTouch concept, which turns your entire vehicle into a touchscreen.

The concept will be on full display at the upcoming 2016 CES, in a 7 Series model. What we currently know is that the AirTouch tech will enable you to simply make hand gestures to control certain aspects of your vehicle.

BMW AirTouch will include an enormous display screen, and after using your hand like a mouse to confirm which “buttons” you’d like to select, you can confirm your choice with a touch of the steering wheel.

Can you imagine a future where most vehicles merely require a hand gesture to operate? This not only sounds like a much safer way to operate than fooling with various switches and levers but also sounds really, really cool.

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