The Dangers of Idling Your Car to ‘Warm It Up’ During the Winter Months

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Idling Your Car in the winter

As the temperature begins to drop, you may be planning to start your car up a bit earlier than usual, to “warm it up” before you leave the house.

However, this method is not only seriously flawed – as simply driving your car will warm it up faster – but also it is dangerous and almost completely unnecessary.

Many drivers think that their car must be warmed up before driving, and while this logic holds some truth to it, warming up doesn’t take as much time as you might think. Cars designed within the last 20 years are created with cold weather in mind and really only need about 30 seconds to warm up.

Additionally, idling you car for prolonged periods of time all winter long can actually cause significant damage to your engine and its related components as well as to the catalytic converter.

Not to mention the fact that idling wastes gasoline, and therefore money, and also contributes exponentially to pollution.

This year, put on some winter gloves, give yourself about 30 seconds, and then hit the road. You’ll be surprised at just how quickly the inside of your car gets toasty.

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