BMW Marks a Milestone with the Vision Next 100 Concept

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BMW recently had its 100th birthday, and you can bet that the legendary automaker wouldn’t let such a milestone go by without making a huge statement, leading us to the BMW Vision Next 100 concept.

This concept vehicle – which looks like it came from a sci-fi film of the future – isn’t exactly a preview of a potential, specific car as much as it is a preview of what is to come in general from BMW.

The major takeaway from the Vision Next 100 is the insight it gives us into BMW’s plans for autonomous vehicles. The concept has two modes: Boost Mode for manual driving, and Ease Mode for autonomous driving.

In Ease Mode, the driver’s “Companion” takes over every driving task while the interior of the car transforms for comfort, while the Companion continues to assist drivers intuitively. Some are even likening the Companion to a virtual butler.

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