BMW iNext Gives an Exciting Peek at The Future of BMW

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BMW’s new electric flagship, appropriately named the “iNext,” is generating a whole lot of good buzz in the auto industry – we would say it’s “electrifying,” but that’d be too easy.

The iNext is going to be high-tech through-and-through, with a totally digital interior employing sensors and cloud technologies, advanced connectivity offerings, and even some wicked-cool A.I. (do not be alarmed, we think the iNext’s intelligence will still be “artificial” enough that you won’t need to worry about a robot apocalypse or automotive Judgment Day scenario – yet).

BMW’s new electric flagship is an exciting piece of technology on the automotive horizon, but their here-and-now electric options are nearly just as cool, like the BMW i3 and i8. Having sold more than 50,000 of both, it’s safe to say that electricity and BMW is a pretty successful pairing. You can expect to see more electric, plug-in, and hybrid models coming into the iPerformance lineup in the next few years.

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