BMW Presents Interactive Campaign for BMW M2

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With the BMW M2 Coupe, BMW wanted to step outside the box. So with its release, BMW released its very first digital campaign, starring supermodel Gigi Hadid.

The film, called “Eyes on Gigi,” has been released on YouTube and Facebook. It invites all its viewers to play a “shell game.” How, exactly? It starts with Gigi Hadid climbing into one of three BMW M2’s, and then the viewer has to keep track of which car she’s in.

Two more cars join in and put on an amazing track performance, making it very difficult to guess right.

If you’re interested, the campaign has a website where you can follow the same video from a 360-perspective.

Hadid was excited at her first chance to work with BMW, “BMW is such an iconic brand. The fact that I get to be the face of this campaign is definitely a career highlight for me. The M2 is such a cool, fun car.”

At the end of the interactive video, if you pick the right car, there’s a reward! You’ll be lead to the BMW M2 Coupe showroom where you can check out everything the M2 has to offer.

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