Why Should You Drive Electric in Chicago?

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2016 BMW i8 - Chicago, IL
Driving an EV like the BMW i8 can save you big bucks in the long run.

Plug-in electric vehicles are totally changing the game, making it more fuel-efficient to drive wherever you go, but especially here in Chicago. By opting to drive an EV, you’ll not only save yourself money, but also, you’ll be minimizing your impact on the environment.

The batteries that charge EVs can be recharged when connected to the electric grid, meaning you can charge them at your own home, and some charging stations can charge vehicles even faster than others. Here in Chicago – the average commute is a mere 22 miles, so a single charge is more than enough.

We really can’t say enough about the money you will save, but if you’d like to test it out for yourself, you can check out this Electric Drive Cost Calculator – not to mention the various federal and state tax incentives that make charger installation cheaper than you’d think.

EVs can lower pollution by nearly 75 percent, making a huge difference to the air quality all around us, and all you have to do is drive electric in Chicago. To learn more or to check out an electric vehicle, visit us anytime at Perillo BMW.

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