Ultimate Driving Machines: 10 Best BMWs of All Time

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BMW is one of the most iconic automakers in the world and has perfectly combined performance and luxury throughout its lineup. As one of the automakers on the forefront of technology and innovation, there have been many legendary and stunning vehicles throughout the years. While hard to narrow it down to just 10, check out the best BMWs of all time according to New York Daily News.

Listed below in no particular order are the 10 best BMWs of all time, with highlights from our favorite models.

1) 1-Series M Coupe

2) 2002 tii

The BMW 2002 tii was one of BMW’s most popular models and ushered in a new era of performance and luxury. Its unique squarely shaped body made it a treat to look at too!

best bmws of all time - 2002 tii
BMW 2002 tii

3) Z8 Roadster

4) E39 M5

5) M1

One of BMW’s rarest models, less than 500 M1’s were produced and it was the first car produced by the M-division of BMW.

best bmws of all time - m1
Photo taken by: Jiří Sedláček

6) 1-Series (F20)

7) Isetta 300

This quirky car only put out 13-horsepower and went up to 50 mph, but it is a legend in the world of micro-cars.

best bmws of all time - isetta 300
BMW Isetta 300

8) E46 M3

9) BMW i3

Showing where the future of BMW is headed, the i3 is available as a full electric or range-extended model. Using environmentally friendly products and with a range of 80-100 miles, the i3 is a great city car!

best bmws of all time- i3
2016 BMW i3

10) 507 Roadster

These are just a few of the great BMW models throughout the years. To see more of these “Ultimate Driving Machines,” stop by Perillo BMW and see all that we have to offer!

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