BMW to Revamp Z4 for Sportier Driving

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BMW has announced that it will be redesigning its popular Z4 model to support a sportier driving experience, but fans of the Z4 can rest assured, as the reboot of the model will not cost the car its classic feel.

Putting the Porsche Boxster in its sights, BMW is upping the ante for luxury sports cars by shortening the hood, optimizing the weight distribution, and throwing in a new engine.  Shortening the hood will allow drivers to more easily maneuver at higher speeds, while adjusting the weight distribution will help the car handle whatever the road throws at it while minimizing the roll felt around turns.

It seems counterintuitive that BMW is looking to make the Z4 sportier by switching to a smaller engine, but the 240HP inline 4-cylinder N20 from the Z4 sDrive 28i will do just that.  The main difference comes from the weight of the engine itself, though the relative torque of the 4-cylinder gives drivers a much better “bang to buck ratio.”

All these together will make the redesigned Z4, planned to hit the market in 2015, more agile and fun to drive.  Learn more about this year’s Z4 as well as future models by visiting Perillo BMW’s web site.

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