BMW Now Offers Exclusive Ultimate Service Plan

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While there’s no such thing as a “free lunch”, BMW’s Ultimate Service plan might be the closest thing to it in the automobile world.  Four years (or 50,000 miles) of free service will accompany consumers of a new BMW.

A few services included in this lunch are those that cover brake pads, wiper blades, and brake fluid changes, as well as the “Safety Assist” plan.  The Safety Assist plan may in fact be the dessert to this meal.  BMW consumers can take full advantage of the plan by using the unlimited-mileage roadside assistance available 24/7.

BMW has produced comical videos to inform the public about the Ultimate Service plan.  Customers in the video react in surprising and outrageous ways after being told BMW has taken care of everything, leaving the service advisers in much discomfort.

While the Ultimate Service plan covers many things, tires are excluded and oil changes are at factory-recommended intervals.

Just think of the Ultimate Service plan as four years of lunch covered by BMW.

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