New Commercial Displays the 2013 BMW M5’s Performance

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BMW vehicles are known for their sleek designs and strong performance. This week, the auto company is receiving much hype for achieving this same level of excellence: not for its cars, but for its videography. A commercial video for the new 2013 BMW M5 “Bullet” was released this week, and is catching the attention of ordinary viewers and video critics worldwide. The well-crafted video features the 2013 BMW M5 represents a speeding bullet that has been “shot” out of a tube fashioned to look like a gun barrel.

The commercial effectively depicts the incredible power of the 2013 BMW M5. With a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 engine and a whopping 560 horsepower, there’s no question the new model will impress even the biggest speed-seekers.

What do you think of the new commercial?

2013 BMW M5 “Bullet” Commercial


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