How to Keep your Vehicle Safe this Summer

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In the past few weeks, Chicagoans have definitely experienced the summer heat with record-setting temperatures surpassing 100 degrees. Not only is it important to us stay cool, but it is important to keep our cars cool as well.

Here are a few of the components to pay attention to, and make sure your car stays in good shape this summer:

  • Battery life. Heat can do severe damage to a car battery by causing the battery fluid to evaporate. According to AAA, battery troubles pose the single biggest reason for response calls.
  • Keep cool. Changing the coolant in your car annually helps keep the cooling system clean inside. Overheating is a major problem for vehicles during the hot summer months. If you are towing/carrying boats, ATVs, or any other heavy objects, this is even more prevalent.

If you need assistance with your coolant or with the battery fluid, Perillo BMW’s service department would be happy to help by¬†scheduling an appointment.

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