BMW Supports 2012 Olympics in London

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The 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London have officially begun. Which events or athletes have you been keeping your eye on? BMW hopes you are rooting for their 2012 BMW Performance Team. BMW will be providing the team with financial support and access to BMW technologies.

This team includes 11 athletes: Ricky Berens, Matt Chrabot, Bryan Clay, Natalie Coughlin, Janet Evans, April Holmes, Jonathan Horton, Clay Johnson, Sanya Richards-Ross, Mallory Weggemann, and Evelyn Stevens. These men and women compete in sports ranging from swimming to triathlon to gymnastics. BMW is helping these athletes by modifying some of its advanced vision technology to track the velocity of the athletes as they train. This will help their coaches get a more accurate look at exactly what the athlete is doing.

BMW will also be providing a fleet of 4,000 vehicles, mostly low-emission diesel, hybrid, and electric cars, motorcycles, and even BMW bicycles to help transport officials, athletes, and their families. BMW’s famous art car collection will also be on display in a car park in East London and is free to the public.

Keep your eyes on London this summer to support your US Olympic team and you may see some BMW touches along the way.

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