Will the BMW X1 Be Worth the Wait?

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2012 BMW X1The BMW X1 is the newest and smallest crossover in the German automakers lineup. This hatchback crossover receives an impressive 52 mpg highway thanks to a 4-cylinder diesel engine with TwinPower turbo technology.

The new X1 will be available with BMW’s Drive20d EfficientDynamics, which aims to reduce fuel consumption and emission levels while still providing an amazing driving experience. This fall, BMW will also offer a 4-cylinder gas engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology for the X1. The all-new gas engine will produce 184 horsepower and receive 33 mpg.

The BMW X1 will also feature an innovative insulation technology that works to reduce engine noise heard inside the vehicle. The noise optimization measures will be deployed starting in the autumn of 2011 and will be placed in all future diesel version of the X1.

In addition to the new technology, the X1 will be equipped with BMW’s traditional suspension technology as well as an extended range of optional equipment. The standard stability control feature DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) has been supplemented on the rear-wheel drive diesel models by the dry braking and fading compensation functions.

Thus far the BMW X1 has been a tremendous success in Europe. Due to this, the X1 has been delayed for release in the U.S. so that BMW can meet the demands in Europe. Tom Plucinsky, BMW spokesman, said that U.S. consumer will be forced to wait “Until fall of 2011 at the absolute earliest.” The X1 will most likely debut in the U.S. in early to mid-2012. With the amazing fuel economy and luxury BMW style, we think the X1 will be worth the wait!


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