BMW’s New Automated Crash Notification Technology

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bmw_enhanced_crash-notificationSafety features are growing in importance as consumer become more concerned with the safety of their vehicles. Taking a cue from the OnStar system, BMW has created its own enhanced automatic crash notification (EACN) system.

If a BMW car is involved in an accident, an on-board BMW Assist calls 911 and reports possible injuries of the passengers depending on t he severity of the crash to a nearby hospital. According to, the information is “transmitted via the BMW call center to the nation’s 6,100 public safety answering points.”

The unique feature that sets BMW’s EACN apart from other systems is that it informs authorities on how to respond; whether they can just send an ambulance or if they need to airlift over to the accident site as soon as possible. In most crashes, a police car will be dispatched and then an ambulance. By that time a person could have entered critical condition due to the extra time to assess the situation.

BMW has been working with the University of Miami’s William Lehman Injury Research Center since 2011 to gather data on crashes to better understand future crashes. The more accurate the data, the quicker the injured can be helped and stabilized.

BMW places a high importance on safety and hopes that this innovative safety features will help save lives, despite the extra cost for the system.

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