Winterizing your Vehicle

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Believe it or not, the brutal Chicago winters are just around the corner. Even this Fall, we’ve experienced a few days with temperatures that are anything but warm.

As we prepare for the cold weather to hit, it is also important to prepare our vehicles. While there are laundry lists of ways to “winterize” your car, the following are some of the aspects we find most important:

  • Clean and wax your exterior – Wax will help prevent oxidation for dulling and damaging your vehicle’s exterior
  • Prepare your car’s interior – To prevent staining and damage to your car’s interior when tracking in slush and snow, either replace with rubber floor mats or clean your floor mats with a product that prevents staining.
  • Check your tires – Examine your tires for thin thread and cut/damaged side walls. Both of these reduce traction and can be very dangerous in slippery conditions. In areas with a lot of snow, it may be best to have snow tires put on for the winter months.

If you need assistance with any of these aspects to properly winterize your vehicle for the harsh Chicago winter, feel free to stop into Perillo BMW’s service department.

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