New High-Tech Steering Wheel Available on BMW Models

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While built-in navigation systems and high-tech touch screens are becoming increasingly popular in all car makes, BMW continues to design the newest technology. Recently, BMW debuted a new feature for its M-series of vehicles: the BMW M Performance Steering Wheel.

The custom steering wheel includes a small LED displays different information based on what setting your choose. The settings include EfficientDynamics, Sport, and Race.

On the EfficientDynamics mode, the display streams your average fuel consumption, speed, oil temperature, and water temperature. The Sport mode offers a lateral G-force data and includes LED strips that provide details on when the driver should shift.

If using the Sport mode, drivers can track lap times and see the measure of their turn forces. On the Race mode, it includes a lap timer with various split-time and memory functions displayed.

On all three modes, the radiator temperature is displayed, as well as the oil temperature for petrol engines.

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