BMW Celebrates 40 Years of Electric Cars

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BMW i3- Perillo BMW- Chicago, ILWith the release of the new 2013 BMW i3 and i8 vehicles, the automaker is proud to add to its line of electric cars. While the trend to “go green” is in right now and it’s as important as ever to help preserve our environment, this is not near the first electric cars for BMW.

BMW’s electric car line goes back 40 years to the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. The BMW 1602 was its first electric car that was designed to shuttle VIP and serve as support cars in the games’ long distance events.

Since 1972, BMW has seen a multitude of energy efficient, electric vehicles. These models include: LS, E30, E1, E36, MINI E, ActiveE, and now the i3 and i8.

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