Are Snow Tires Best For You?

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Chicago receives on average, 38 inches of snow fall each winter; that’s over three feet of snow!  If you take enough time, money, and care to pick out the perfect vehicle for yourself or maybe your child, you should also put the same amount of energy into making sure nothing happens to it during the winter.
The best way to do that is to purchase a set of new snow tires.  They are made completely different and with different rubber for the specific purpose of safe driving on snow and ice.  The rubber they are made from ensures flexibility even below 32 degrees.  Regular tires become hard and rigid when it’s cold, reducing traction grip.

Snow tires are also made with cleats or studs that maximize traction on icy roads.  The special design on the tread helps to effectively clear snow, ice, water and slush out from under the tire while moving.

A few tips for taking care of your snow tires are to make sure you buy a full set of four.  Only having two on the front or back will actually increase the possibility of sliding or spinning out on ice.  Also, make sure when winter is over you change the tires back out because it will wear out the winter tires faster, causing you to have to purchase an entirely new set next year.  Otherwise, you can store them away to use again the following year.

Contact our dealership to find out about tire specials or just tire information in general.  We are happy to help keep you safe this winter!

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