New BMW Z4 GTE Racecar Ready to Hit the Track

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Racing fans, there’s a new BMW racecar that is gaining a lot of attention in the sports world. Earlier this month, BMW introduced its BMW Z4 GTE racecar, replacing the BMW M3 GT from last season.

The Z4 was debuted at the Daytona Raceway, where it retired the M3, the championship winning car from last year’s American Le Mans Series.

So what are the differences between the M3 GT and the new Z4 GTE? The BMW z4 GTE is considerable more compact than the M3 GT, and also saw changes in its aerodynamics. New aerodynamics were installed in the undercarriage and rear wing.

The new car (#55) will be driven by Bill Auberlen of the United States and ALMS rookie, Maxime Martin of Belgium. We at Perillo BMW are anxious to see how the new BMW racecar performs during this year’s races!

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