BMW Teams Up with Continental to Design Self-Driving Cars

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It may be a scary concept to comprehend, but the futuristic idea of self-driving cars may become a reality sooner than we thought possible. Several automakers and their engineers are working to perfect this concept, including BMW.

This week, BMW announced a new joint-venture with Continental in order to design and develop a self-driving system that could be completely function by the end of 2020- just 7 years from now.

The intention is that these cars would have the recognition of intersections, toll stations, and roadwork. The feature will only be used when the driver is in peril, or when you are trying to avoid a traffic jam. It could also be useful on long car trips when you want to relax when traveling.

BMW has been involved in developing this type of technology for quite some time now. In 2011, BMW tested a self-driving car prototype successfully. The vehicle drove itself from Munich to Nuremberg without any driver interaction.

We have no fear (for the time being) in the United States as these new prototypes plant to be tested on public roads in Germany and other areas of Europe this year and next.

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