Tips on Sharing the Road with Cyclists

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Spring is finally approaching! It will be here before we know it, despite the late winter weather we received this past week. While the sun begins to warm the air and leaves start growing back on trees, we can all get ready to ride our bikes again! While many of us will be mostly driving during or taking public transit for our daily commute, several people will hop on their bikes as the weather warms up. Here are some things every driver should keep in mind when sharing the road with cyclists this spring.

  • Keep an eye out for cyclists when making turns. Cyclists have the right away just like pedestrians.
  • Bike lanes are not for drivers. Even if you are stopped in one for a few seconds, cyclists have to swerve into traffic lanes which defeat the purpose of bike lanes in the first place.
  • Although it is illegal, many cyclists ignore stop signs or simply slow down and keep going. Sometime bikes mechanically attach shoes to pedals which make it difficult to brake. Keep this in mind when approaching stop signs.
  • Cyclists won’t always hear a car coming, so they may not automatically move if a car is approaching them. Be cautious and go around.
  • Take a look before getting out of your car. If a cyclist doesn’t know someone is in the car and about to get out, the door may swing open and hit them resulting in a dented door and a bruised cyclist.

Keep these tips in mind when driving around Chicago this spring. If you aren’t in a hurry, don’t be afraid to ride a bike to your destination!  A little exercise may do you and the world a little good. More tips on cyclist safety can be found online at as well.

Cyclist Riding in Traffic

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