BMW’s New Electronaut Effect gives Insight into New ActiveE Technology

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Often times, we like to get a consumer’s opinion before buying a car.  BMW is taking advantage of this philosophy with their new Electronaut Effect website.

This is a website created to give consumers access to information about their BMW ActiveE cars.  This information includes data about the range, cost savings, and other positive environmental impact information.  This includes data for 700 BMW ActiveE drivers from across the country since January, 2012.

Although the site is mainly for current ActiveE owners, it could also help potential customers figure out if it is really right for them.  So far, some of the data they have collected amounts to 6.1 million total miles driven, $740,000 combined saved in gas money, and conserving 275,000 gallons of gas.

If you are considering an ActiveE vehicle, check out the website and find out if you like what you see.  If you have any questions about the ActiveE technology, feel free to contact our friendly staff at Perillo BMW.

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