Siri ‘Eyes Free’ Coming to BMW Vehicles

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For all of you iPhone users out there, we are all very familiar with Siri. She is the mystery woman who handles our requests to call or text someone, can give us directions to a navigation, open an app, play a song, answer your question, tell you the weather, and much more.

Perillo BMW is so excited with BMW’s recent announcement that Siri “Eyes Free” mode is coming to all of its 2014 models. This will be a part of a new update to its ConnectedDrive Internet service, allowing iPhone users to interact with Siri in their BMWs without looking at their devices.

It will now be much safer to have Siri take your requests while paying attention to the road instead of your smartphone.

Stay tuned to learn more about this feature and the ConnectedDrive update.

Siri Eyes Free BMW- Perillo BMW- Chicago, IL

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