BMW Releases i Genius App in UK

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For those of you following along, we here at Perillo BMW  very recently told you about our intention to further improve your customer experience by hiring a BMW Genius, which is an actual person (who we can only assume will arrive wearing a mortarboard and puffing delicately from a meerschaum pipe).  However, we’d like to take this opportunity to bring your attention to another kind of BMW Genius entirely—intelligence in the form of an app.

BMW recently launched the i Genius app, which is intended to answer questions about BMW’s exciting electric vehicle line.  The service is SMS-based and utilizes sophisticated artificial intelligence to answer driver questions quickly, efficiently, and correctly.

Developed by London Brand Management, which was founded by 19-year-old wunderkind Dmitry Aksenov, i Genius will be able to interpret the text down to the context and the sentiment in order to piece together a cogent and helpful real-time response.  Green Car Reports recently tested out the tech by texting a question about the upcoming BMW i8’s powertrain to a shortcode number and, in turn, received a literate and intelligent response detailing the i8’s of 1.5L three-cylinder gasoline engine.

Currently only available in the UK, we hope that BMW will make this other brand of Genius available to its customers in the United States.  With the potential for a human Genius and an i Genius working side by side, perhaps we here at Perillo BMW can arrange a new competition in the battle between man and machine.

BMW i Genius- Perillo BMW

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