BMW Will Not Combine i and M Brands, and We Think That’s Okay

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Freshly removed from Frankfurt, BMW is the talk of the automotive world thanks to the unveiling of the beautiful and hotly anticipated i8 hybrid.  Similarly, BMW made a splash at last month’s Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance with the revelation of its Concept M4 Coupe.  This has led to the question among BMW enthusiasts as to whether i and M could prove compatible in a future model.  Unfortunately, BMW has squashed those dreams by saying that there are no plans to release an M version of any i brand vehicles.

CarAdvice spoke with BMW Group head of technology communications Cypselus von Frakenberg, who thoroughly dampened our hopes of an M-branded i -car or an i brand-inspired M vehicle.  Frakenberg says, “It is separate – M and i.  It’s two different sub-brands, but there will be no ‘M’ i-car in the future.”

He added, “These [M] are the high performance cars with combustion engines, and on the other side you have the ‘i’ cars with electric drive.  They won’t come together.”  Frakenberg also stated that it wouldn’t make sense and would be unnecessary to mix the M and i sub-brands.  We assume that he rest of the interview was subsequently delayed for a spell when the fine folks of CarAdvice simply couldn’t take any more of Frakenberg’s party pooping, called him a big meanie, and stormed away.

But perhaps Cypselus has a point: the 2014 BMW i8 has a unique style all its own, futuristic and utterly innovative.  The burly, powerful Concept M4 Coupe is its own beast, carrying on the M series legacy with panache.  Each has its own specialties and its own quirks, and without these aspects setting them apart, there would be so very little reason to get excited about new BMW’s innovations.

Perhaps the i and M brands are better kept apart in order to be truly appreciated for what each does better than any other.  It wouldn’t be terribly unusual; there are a number of things that are perfectly amazing on their own, but not so great when brought together.  We took some time here at Perillo and thought of a few other things that are individually fantastic but not terribly compatible (for your sake, we recommend refraining from making any cracks about you and the ol’ ball and chain).  Imagine if you will:

  • A peanut butter and honey mustard sandwich
  • Coffee with room for grape flavored Fun Dip
  • A cool carton of milk on a hot summer afternoon
  • A nap during your brother’s wedding (editor’s note: Ryan, please forgive me)
  • That English accent you’ve been cultivating on a first date (editor’s note: Julia, please call me)
  • Alcohol and social media (editor’s note: I’d like to apologize to my entire friends list)
  • Watching The Big Lebowski with your seven-year-old godson

So the next time someone complains about BMW refusing to bring the i and M brands together, remember that perhaps it’s less a case of “you got peanut butter in my chocolate” and more “you ruined all of this peanut butter with honey mustard.”  If you have any other ideas/experiences with two great things that are better off not combining, leave us a comment and tell us all about it!

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