How the BMW i3 is Built

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We’ve talked a lot about the new BMW i3 on the blog over the last few months. Our blogs have covered anything from the announcement of the plans for an electric to its reveal to the public. We’ve also kept you up to date on various developments of its production.

Now that production has begun, we wanted to give you an inside look into how the BMW i3 is built. Take a look at the videos below that show the production of the i3 in action. We at Perillo BMW are amazed that this is all done by robots.

The first video shows the processing of carbon fiber. In the second video you can watch the transmission and electric engine assembly, amongst other things. The third one shows some very large robotic arms working on body parts. These videos are truly amazing and show how far robots have come and the role they play in how the BMW i3 is built.

Stay tuned to our blog to find out when we have the BMW i3 in stock at Perillo BMW.


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