BMW i3 is Squeaky Clean

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2014 BMW i3The BMW i3 has just received its ISO certification, which means that the little car really is just as clean and efficient as the company has promised, accounting for 30 to 50 percent fewer greenhouse gases than conventional cars.

The certificate not only verifies that the i3 meets very rigid and stringent international standards but also its inherent cleanliness beyond the emissions its produces on the road. The manufacturing process for the car is taken into account as well as the potential for recycling its materials after consumer use.

Some of the environmentally-sustainable materials used in the i3’s production include carbon-fiber reinforced plastics and aluminum. According to BMW, 100% of the energy required to manufacture the carbon fibers is locally generated from hydropower, and the electricity for i-series cars at the Leipzig plant come solely from renewable sources.

“Every single component and each individual process stage has been accurately reviewed and analyzed by us from the perspective of sustainability,” said Ulrich Kranz, senior vice president BMW i. “This road route took us to a lot of innovative and pioneering solutions.”

The i3’s official launch is on November 16. You’ll be able to find it at Perillo BMW as soon as it goes into production.

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