Ask the BMW Genius: The BMW i3

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Ask the BMW Genius: The BMW i3

Perillo BMW is proud to introduce the newest member of our team, Sanjay! He is our expert BMW Genius, here to answer your questions about cars, the dealership, and of course, BMW! With the big BMW i3 launch this January, we had some questions for Sanjay about electric cars and the future of BMW. Take a look:


1. Can an electric vehicle really go the distance on a single charge? 

Driven responsibly, the i3 should deliver 80 to 100 miles of total range, extendable by another 80 miles when the optional range extender generator is employed. With just a 2.4-gallon fuel capacity, the extender is only meant to provide a little buffer in case you find yourself unable to recharge before your destination is reached. Recharging to 100 percent takes about three hours on 240-volt power or about 20 minutes to get to 80 percent charge on a 480-volt DC fast charger (if you can find one). The limited fuel capacity of the range-extended version means that the i3 is really only intended for commuting and city use; refilling the tiny 2.4-gallon gas tank every 75 miles or so would become nerve-wracking in any kind of extended driving. You can view more charging information at BMW 360 Electric.
2. Is there any State or Federal incentives for buying an BMW i3?

The BMW i3  qualifies for multiple goverment incentives. It is eligible for a Federal tax credit of $7,500 as a plug-in vehicle. Each state is also able to offer their own rebates and credits on electric vehicles. Currently, Illinois offers a rebate of up to 10% of the purchase price up to $4,000.

For a complete list of Federal and State incentives, you can visit the Department of Energy’s website.
3. Does the BMW i3 really make a positive impact of the environment compared to gas vehicles?

BMW i set new standards of sustainability throughout the entire process of vehicle production. To be even more efficient BMW i uses materials that are easily recycled and reused. Of the materials used to produce a BMW i3, 95% can be recycled–one of those being the high-performance lithium–ion battery, which can be repurposed as storage in solar- or wind-powered systems.
4. What are the chance of their being a charging station near me when I need to re-charge?
ChargePoint has also been selected to be the preferred provider of BMW i’s ChargeNow public charging program in the U.S. ChargeNow makes it easy for BMW i drivers to find and access all publicly available charging stations on the ChargePoint network by providing real time availability status and location information through the ConnectedDrive navigation system. All BMW i3 owners will be provided ChargeNow cards – giving them immediate access to the more than 14,000 stations on ChargePoint’s growing network.


5. How reliable is an electric vehicle in cold temperatures?

This is the most difficult question to answer because there hasn’t been a lot of testing for this car in long term winter. Some say that the car performs fine during the winter with Eco Pro + and others are of the opnion that it can decrease the range of the car by 10-20%.


Perillo BMW is extremely excited to debut the all-new BMW i3 during the Launch Party on January 24th, 2014! Click here to register for this exclusive event, and be on the lookout for more information on the all-new i3 coming your way!

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