How to Winterize Your BMW This Winter

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Winterize your BMWChicago is called the Windy City for a reason. When winter comes, there’s no denying the presence of frigid gusts hitting you in the face every time you walk outdoors, reeking havoc on any piece of skin that might be exposed to the elements. While it might be easy to remember what you need to do to take care of yourself during the harsh Chicago winters, you can easily forget about your car. In order to protect your car and get optimal performance out of it, be sure to follow these tips on how to winterize your BMW to survive those harsh Chicago conditions.

Check your fluids and your battery

Make sure your battery and charging system are in working order. Winter weather can be exceptionally difficult on these parts, making it difficult to get your car working. Also make sure there is plenty of cold weather washer fluid in your car and there are no glitches in your heaters, defrosters and windshield wipers. This will help a lot once the winter weather rolls off the lake.

Change your oil and filter

Dirty oil can be a huge problem come winter, so make sure you go in for your regular tune-ups. Also, since we live in such a cold climate, consider changing your oil to “winter weight” oil, which will help in frosty temperatures.

Make sure your brakes and lights are in working order

To maintain a safe and happy winter driving season, you have to ensure that your brakes are in top condition. It can be difficult enough driving on icy roads with good brakes, let alone bad ones. Also, checking that your lights work will ensure other cars on the road will be able to see you.

Refill your antifreeze, if needed

As an essential part of your car’s winter protection, checking the amount of antifreeze you have in your car is important. There should be a full level of the juice that goes into your radiator, dissolved 50/50 with water. Stop by a mechanic to get it checked for free or buy a tester for $5 to ensure that your antifreeze is at the proper level.

Keep your tires at the proper pressure

It’s amazing just how much a slightly deflated tire can affect your car’s performance. Not only does it decrease your fuel efficiency, but it also can decrease the amount of traction you have on the road, a major hazard when there is slow, sleet, and ice on the roads. We suggest you try snow tires too—Chicago winters will certainly need it.

With these ways to winterize your BMW this cold season, there’s no reason your car shouldn’t survive the Chicago winter. If you have any questions, contact us at Perillo BMW!

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