BMW Supports Team USA at 2014 Winter Olympics

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The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia officially begins in less than a month on February 6. BMW will be playing a major role in supporting Team USA, especially the bobsled teams.

The last time the United States won a gold medal in the two-man bobsled competition was 1936. The team was dedicated to changing this and sought the help of BMW—experts in making things go fast.

BMW designed six ultra-sleek bobsleds for both the men’s and women’s team. The design uses lightweight carbon fiber that also adds strength. The sleds ended up being so light they had to add 110 pounds of lead weights to bring them up to the minimum weight requirement.

2014 Winter Olympics

NBC aired a documentary called “Driving on Ice” earlier this month that follows BMWs efforts at designing the bobsleds. They may air it again as the Olympics approach, so watch your TV listings.

So far, the sleds have been a great asset to the team and they have performing well in the World Championships. We hope they are fast enough to win the gold in Sochi!

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