BMW Launches BMW Genius Everywhere Program

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BMW Genius Everywhere A few weeks ago, we introduced you to Sanjay, our Perillo BMW Genius. He is here to answer any and every BMW question you may have in order to satisfy customer questions and keep everyone up to date on the latest news and technology. Now, BMW has just launched their BMW Genius Everywhere program, introducing a new BMW Genius App and BMW Genius Hotline that is available for customers and journalists. These two new additions to the BMW Genius program will help spread the wisdom of the BMW Geniuses around the country.

Perillo BMW is really excited about the new BMW Genius App that smart phone users can download. It provides customers information about BMW vehicles, featuring how-to videos that highlighting features, operations, and functions of their specific BMW model.

“In this digital age, we know that our customers are accustomed to now only accessing information on their smart phones and tablets, but having content-specific apps,” explains Retail Strategy Manager at BMW NA, Christian Hotz, who is also responsible for the BMW Genius Everywhere program. “The BMW Genius App provides an easy and intuitive way for customer to quickly learn more about the vehicle and its features and functionalities, and to contact the BMW Genius Hotline by phone or e-mail.”

In install the app, use your smart phone or tablet to visit We are super excited about the app and new BMW Genius Hotline that can be reached at 1-844-4GENIUS at anytime. You will never have another BMW question again! Visit Perillo BMW today for more information on the BMW Genius Everywhere program.

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