BMW Looks to Carbon Fiber to Make New Wheels

Carbon fiber is one of the most amazing products developed. It is not only incredibly lightweight, but incredibly strong as well. Because of its “fiber” nature, it can be formed into any shape imaginable. There is one drawback; it is expensive to produce.

BMW, however, found ways to overcome those costs when it placed itself directly in the carbon fiber manufacturing business. This was a key step to getting the carbon fiber needed to produce the electrified versions of the i3 and i8.

Now, BMW is taking its carbon fiber a step further and plans on using the carbon fiber waste from the i-series production process to create new wheels.

Wheels made from carbon fiber are about 30 percent lighter than aluminum and 50 percent lighter than steel. And, any weight you can remove from a car, the better its performance and fuel efficiency. The carbon fiber wheels would also be more damage resistant than alloy wheels.

According to BMW, the carbon fiber wheels should enter production within the next year or two. The company also says it is looking into making carbon fiber steering wheels and a carbon fiber drive shaft for the X5.

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