BMW is Bringing the 4-Cylinder Engine Back

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With demand for higher fuel efficiency from both customers and the government, BMW has decided to bring back its 4-cylinder engines to the U.S. after to quit offering them 12 years ago.

BMW 4-cylinder Engine BMW will offer a 4-cylinder engine in both the BMW Z4 and 5 Series sedans when they begin arriving in dealerships this October. In the future, the German automaker plans to offer the TwinPower turbo 4-cylcinder on additional models as well.

Jim O’Donnell, head of BMW’s U.S. operations explained that the company originally nixed the smaller engine because it wasn’t in-line with the automakers image at the time and didn’t have the performance necessary for a BMW. “Now that the engines have developed so far, it’s not an issue at all,” commented O’Donnell.

Switching over to the smaller engines, BMW hopes to improve fuel efficiency by almost 20%. For example, the BMW Z4 powered by the TwinTurbo 4-cylinder engine expects to get better than 32 mpg highway.

Some are speculating that in the future, up to 40% of BMW’s U.S. sales may end up being 4-cylinder models.

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