Step Aside Google. BMW’s UR:BAN Research Will Assist Drivers On the Road

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Ok, so no one puts Google in the corner, we know that. BMW’s UR:BAN Research doesn’t exactly compete with Google’s initiative to create fully-automated and self-driving cars, but it does hold its own in the driver-assistance arena.

BMW has presented its self-driving enhancements which will help drivers navigate cities, while still leaving the driver in charge of “the Ultimate Driving Machine”. I mean, isn’t being in control of a BMW half the fun anyway? The UR:BAN research; roughly translated from German meaning “Urban Space: User-oriented assistance systems and network management”, would allow cars to ‘see’ obstructions, people, and other cars, and take corrective action to prevent an incident if the driver does not.

In another area of research, BMW is exploring their model’s efficiency. Incredibly, the project, called “Urban Roads”, has developed the Green Coordination and Deceleration Assistant, which is capable of calculating when stop lights will change and combine that with current general road traffic conditions, and will adjust route and engine settings to be most productive.

According to, “cars could be navigated not by the quickest route on a map, but by the route that will require the fewest stops at that point in time. BMW also suggests that it could be a huge advantage for EVs and hybrids, like the new BMW i8, by giving them prior warning about what sort of driving they’ll be doing, and allowing them to adjust their drivetrain settings to suit.”

If this is where the future of driving is headed – safety, efficiency, reliability – we have to saw that we quite like it.

What do you think? Will BMW’s newest technological advances be the future of driving?

BMW's UR:BAN Research

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