BMW i3 Donated to Brad Pitt’s Make It Right Foundation

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The all-new all-electric BMW i3 is impacting more than just the environment in a positive way. Through BMW’s donation to Make It Right, a non-profit organization, the i3 is also helping to provide families in need with an eco-friendly home.

The organization was founded by Brad Pitt in 2007 to build healthy and environmentally responsible “homes, buildings and communities for people in need.”

The donated BMW i3 was raffled at the organization’s 2014 Gala on May 17 with Pitt and presenter Sandra Bullock encouraging guests to do their part to support the organization’s work.

Since its inception, Make It Right has built 100 homes in New Orleans and will continue to expand its work in Kansas City, Newark, and Montana’s Fort Peck Indian Reservation.

Environmental responsibility is inherent in the construction and production of BMW’s zero emission i3, making it the perfect vehicle to assist the organization in its fundraising efforts.

We at Perillo BMW are proud to provide our customers with vehicles whose mission is so much bigger than looking good as they drive from one end of town to the other.

BMW i3

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