New BMW 535d is an Impressive Luxury Diesel Sedan

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New BMW 535dThe BMW 2014 5 Series now has a diesel option—the new BMW 535d—and it’s a doozy. The good kind of doozy. It’s a beautiful sedan, as all BMW sedans are, but it’s also a more efficient version of the BMW 5 Series in general. Thanks to that diesel powertrain, the new sedan gets 38 mpg on the highway, allowing it to go over 550 miles without a fill-up. Plus, you’ve also got 413 lb-ft. of torque and 255 horsepower to play with as well.

According to MarketWatch, this new powertrain is a roaring success “with a diesel power plant (peak horsepower at 4,000 rpm) that is as punchy and free-revving as a gasoline engine, quiet and nearly free of shake, and just flat out hossy and powerful any time it’s asked.” Here at Perillo BMW, we know our customers, and we know that they’ll be asking the 535d for excellent performance many, many times.

Plus, this BMW is also full of the usual convenience, comfort, and luxury features that help make the brand a worldwide leader in luxury automobiles. So make sure to come in to Perillo and check out our great lineup, including all the powertrain options of the 5 Series, today.

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