BMW Looks to Add Carbon Ceramic Brakes to the 2012 M5

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As better materials and new technology come about, the world of high-performance cars has rapidly evolved. BMW is a prime example of an innovative automaker pushing the boundaries of performance vehicles. The German company is at it again exploring the possibility of using carbon ceramic brakes on the 2012 BMW M5.

BMW BrakesWorking with its brake supplier, Brembo, BMW is exploring the option of adding new brakes to enhance the performance of the M5 even further. Carbon ceramic brakes have been used for years in high-end racing series due to their ability to handle immense heat loads without any issues. Very rarely though do this high-performance brakes end up on consumer sedans.

The high heat capacity of the carbon ceramic rotors makes them perfectly suited for larger sedans. The weight of the 180-mph M5 translates into a lot of friction-generated heat when driving “with spirit”.

While the carbon discs are at least a year away, they could be a great addition to the BMW M5. 

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