BMW i3 Tops Tesla

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When BMW introduced the i3, many skeptics scoffed at the idea that any other luxury electric car could compete with the much-hyped Tesla (including Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who laughed off the i3). Well it looks the BMW are the ones laughing now.

“In August, BMW sold 1,025 i3s, which sticker at $41,000, in North America, a 182 percent increase over July’s sales of 363 cars” reports the Hollywood Reporter. It is estimated that Tesla sold just 600 Model S’s in August, which is around a 54 percent drop from August 2013.

The popularity of the i3, which has been on sale in the U.S. for three months, puts additional stress on Tesla to attempt to broaden their audience by producing more vehicles that can compete with other luxury car makers and their electric cars. Right now the i3 has moved into the spotlight, with celebrities like Halle Berry seen driving theirs around town. At this rate, there is no slowing down the BMW i3, giving Tesla a run for their money.

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BMW i3

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