Apple Watch Just Got Cooler Thanks to BMW i3 and i8 Integration

If you keep up with technology in the news, you’ve most likely heard of the Apple Watch. And if you’re the kind of person who would read this blog, then you’ve most definitely heard of the BMW i3 and i8.

What you may not have heard is that BMW has developed i3 and i8 integration with the Apple Watch to offer extra convenience to people who own both. The most obvious use is to check real-time information about the battery charge level of either plug-in vehicle, though BMW spokesman Dave Buchko says the product will have several more uses.

For example, it can also help locate the vehicle in a crowded parking lot. Or help users monitor heating and air-conditioning, as well as remotely unlocking the car. If you were on the fence about buying an Apple Watch and you also own a BMW i3 and i8, this may just be the motivation you need.

And if it’s the other way around… well, buying a car is a rather expensive way of justifying the purchase of a watch—but we won’t question it! We’re always more than happy to show off the i3 and i8 to customers here at Perillo BMW.

BMW i3

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