BMW i-Series Technology: Innovation Meets Luxury

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To understand the future of cars, take a glance at the BMW i8; it’s stylish, efficient, and powerful. BMW recently announced that they will be expanding the hybrid market in the US, which means we’ll be seeing more of the i3 and i8. At Perillo BMW, we’re excited about the innovative technology BMW is integrating into their cars.

The BMW i-Series technology is groundbreaking because of the way in which power isn’t sacrificed for efficiency. The new i8 features a TwinPower Turbo 3-cylinder alongside an eDrive electric motor, generating a total of 357 horsepower. The Stream Flow aerodynamic design reduces drag, and a recuperation system recovers energy via braking.

Ian Robertson, a board member for sales and marketing, said: “The wait times are too long, and we will adjust that and sell more i8s… When I look at brand analysis around the world, technology and innovation are really up [for BMW].”

The i3 is also becoming more popular in the US as the more affordable i-Series car. The i3 still packs a punch with 170 horsepower and a lighter body. To check out the new BMW i-Series technology, come down to Perillo BMW today.

BMW i-series technology

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