Power Up Chicago

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Power Up Chicago

Chicago is a big city with over 2.7 million people living in it, which can create a lot of pollution with all of the travel. We love our city and want to keep it as clean and green as possible, so Perillo BMW has teamed up with ChargePoint, ABM, Com Ed, and the City of Chicago to bring you, Power Up Chicago!

The star of this show is the BMWi3! At Perillo BMW, you can get a BMWi3 for a great price due to lease specials and purchase specials that are going on for a limited time!

Lease Specials:

  • BMW i3 BEV (All-Electric) for $369/month
  • BMW i3 REX (Electric w/ Range Extender) for $439/month

Purchase Specials:

  • $7,500 Federal Tax Credit
  • $4,000 State of Illinois Credit
  • Up to $2,500 of Innovation Credit

Exclusive Perks:

  • Test drive a Perillo BMW i3 for 2-3 days before purchase or lease
  • 50% rebate on all charging units and installation from the State of Illinois until April 16, 2015
  • Charge your i3 in only 20 minutes with new ChargePoint units
  • Charge your i3 at work! Contact us to see how your employer can receive special charging stations
  • Significant savings for off-peak charging! Check with your local utility company to see how

With over 300 charging stations located around the city, you will never run out of juice! Lead the pack and get your BMW i3 at Perillo BMW today! For more information please call Alan Sahagian at 312-981-5153 (ASahagian@joeperillo.com) or Sanjay Mistry at 312-981-0056 (perillobmwgenius@jorperillo.com).

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