BMW 2 Series Drop Top to Replace 1 Series

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BMW 2 Series drop top

BMW unveiled their new 2 Series Convertible at the Paris Auto Show just last month, and the boxier drop top is set to replace the popular 1 Series convertible next year. The new 2 Series’ design is reminiscent of the automaker’s past – channeling design cues from BMWs of more than a decade ago.

So why the blast from the past? Karim Habib, BMW Group’s head of design, told Automotive News that while many parts of the new 2 Series will carry over from the 1 Series, the true difference lies in the character of the car. Habib points out that people loved the 2002 model year, and so the automaker focused on edgier, boxier design elements in an effort to channel that look.

“The convertible is a derivative of the coupe. There is a difference to it from the 1 series, although there are quite a few parts that are the same. It’s more about the character for this car, though, because it really is the direct lineage from the [BMW] 2002.”

The original BMW spirit is certainly present in the 2015 2 Series. Habib also comments that in an effort to truly channel a BMW classic roadster convertible, the trunk lid was placed as low as possible – an exercise in balance, since the car doesn’t have the c-pillars and roof found in most cars.

Here at Perillo BMW, we are looking forward to the BMW 2 Series drop top making its way into dealerships next spring. The classic design is a refreshing break from BMW’s modern designs, and we believe it’s sure to be a hit.

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