BMW Introduces Dynamic Light Spot

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BMW Dynamic Light SpotBMW has created a new feature that should prove to make driving at night safer for drivers and passengers, as well as pedestrians on the road. BMW has developed a Dynamic Light Spot that will increase visibility for drivers during the nighttime hours.

Pedestrians are at a much greater risk of being injured or killed by a motor vehicle at night than they are during the daytime. The Dynamic Light Spot is a targeted and concentrated beam of light that will illuminate pedestrians on the roads at night.

This system uses sensors to identify objects in the driver’s surroundings that may potentially be endangered. These objects will then be illuminated, making it easier for the driver to detect and avoid hitting them. This in turn will decrease the number of accidents and injuries caused by lack of vision during nighttime hours.

Developed by BMW ConnectedDrive technologies, the Light Spot will use a thermal imaging camera to detect objects in the road. Not only will the camera identify human pedestrians, but it will also be able to target animals that could be alongside roads, such as deer.

BMW Night Vision is a driving assistant that is currently available on BMW cars. It provides the driver an image of in front of their vehicle, enabling the driver to see upcoming objects in the road such as pedestrians and animals. However, this system does not alert the driver that there is something in the road. The driver must be using the Night Vision like a rear-view mirror and monitor it carefully every few seconds in order to be effective.

BMW seeks to improve upon current night vision technology and the Dynamic Light Spot is a step in the right direction. Other creations such as the Light Spot could revolutionize nighttime driving and potentially save people and animals from severe injuries or even death. 

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