BMW Makes the Perfect Holiday Gifts For Your Children

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Holiday Gifts For Your Children

Little compares to the luxury of a brand-new BMW. You know it, and we here at Perillo BMW know it. With Christmas right around the corner, BMW is giving you the opportunity to share that sense of luxury with an audience that may be aware of the sense of wonder if only because they’ve had the opportunity to ride in the back seat of one: your kids.

Believe it or not, BMW has a full lineup of holiday gifts and accessories that are perfect for your child this holiday season.  So after you’ve gotten a pair of BMW metal sunglasses for Jim and a ladies’ gift set for Jane, you can focus on putting some BMW-branded goodies underneath the tree for your little ones.

The prime choice is the BMW Baby Racer II, which is a luxurious ride that puts all other kid-sized cars to shame. With a premium plastic shell, dynamic orange interior, and working horn, the Baby Racer II are kids’ wheels with real power.

For the aspiring motocross rider, there’s the BMW Kid’s Bike in smashing Blue Jay or Racing Red. A pushbike and bicycle all in one, this bike is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 and 12, meaning they could very well have their bikes for as long as you have your car or SUV.

For something a bit simpler, there’s BMW’s plush lineup. Yes, BMW has a plush lineup, including Honey Bear, Plush Bear, Motorsport Teddy Bear, Tara the Dolphin, Toni the Shark, and Paul the Sea Lion.

If your little guy or gal isn’t so little anymore, consider giving them the gift of confidence by making their first real car a Certified Pre-Owned BMW.

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