Every BMW Model to Get a Hybrid Option, Inspire Cars of the Future

BMW is setting the standard for innovation with their latest announcement: Every single model range is going to get a hybrid plug-in variant in the very near future. Is this the beginning of an age where every car has a hybrid plug-in version?

The X5 plug-in will be the first option available next year, with plug-in 3 Series and 2 Series Active Tourer plug-in variants planned for 2016. After that, all of the other models will slowly follow, until any new BMW can be bought as a hybrid plug-in, if desired.

While most car companies seem to be taking baby steps towards a future of hybrids and electric cars, BMW is taking a giant leap by allowing every BMW model to get a hybrid option. Likely, competing companies will have to step up and produce an enormous amount of plug-in alternatives of their own.

We at Perillo BMW are proud to offer many great BMW models and encourage you to visit us and check some out for yourself. Who knows? It might be one of the last non-electric cars you ever get.

Every BMW Model to Get a Hybrid Option

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